Important Info



Before you book your tattoo appointment, please have in mind that I need some information from you in advance. Here’s everything I need to know about your upcoming tattoo:

Location on the body

Where do you want your new tattoo to be placed, and how big is the area? Also, are there already existing tattoos nearby, or even some that should be incorporated or covered during the process? It is important for me to know I am able to design your tattoo and give you a realistic price estimate. If possible, a picture of the desired area is much appreciated. 

Desired tattoo style

Maybe you want a realistic tattoo, or maybe you just want some linework. Don’t you have any idea what I’m talking about? Then please head over to this section and browse the different tattoo styles to get an idea of what style you’re looking for. Then I have the best possible idea of making a design that suits your request. 


To be exact, I need you to get out a ruler and measure the desired size of your upcoming tattoo. It is important for me to know in order to present you with an accurate price of the project. Please note, that I will often recommend a larger scale tattoo than you might have pictured. I’ll provide my recommendation throughout the process. 


If you’re locked on a budget, please let me know while booking. This way, I’ll quickly know if I’m able to meet your request or not. Unserious budget requests will be ignored. If you’re in doubt about how much money a tattoo should actually cost, I advise you to acknowledge it as a life-long investment in art on your skin. You’ll always be able to find someone to do it cheaper, but the quality might drop as well.  

Reference pictures

Reference pictures are very welcome! But I’ll never copy a tattoo or do a tattoo exactly like another artist has done it. So, if you’re absolutely locked in the tattoos end result, I might not be the right artist for you. With that said, I will always make my design with your original idea in mind. Please send as many reference pictures as you like – use a few words to describe what you like or don’t like and let me transform your idea into a custom-made tattoo design. 

Description of project

Please give some thoughts on what the overall theme of your tattoo should be. The fewer restrictions you have, the more artistic freedom I’ll get, which will result in a better and more unique tattoo. If your tattoo idea should include some kind of text or lettering, please consider what fonts you like, and write them here as well (you can find and search for all fonts available at 

Now you’re ready to book your new tattoo! Head over to my Booking Formular to send a non-binding booking request, and I´ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you like to, you can also send a request directly in a DM on my Instagram (please include all the above information when you write it). Lastly, if you feel unsure, not 100% ready or have questions, then please let me know. I’m here to help and make you feel comfortable about your project. Write me on Instagram, or use the mail form on this site to send me your questions. You can also keep exploring my website for further information – maybe you’ll find your answers on my FAQ in this section.



Once we’ve discussed your project and agreed on the idea, all you need to do from here is to pay the obligated reservation fee and wait for your day of appointment. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me in the meantime. Please have in mind that your tattoo design first will be ready the day before your appointment. If you want, I can send it to your on your request.

As you approach the day of your appointment, I recommend you follow these directions:

  • Use a moisturising crème on the designated area 3–5 days ahead of your appointment. 
  • Do not shave the designated area. I’ll do that myself with sterile equipment to prevent bacterial infection. 
  • Do shower the day of your appointment. This is to prevent a possible bacterial infection. 
  • Do not use numbing crème on the designated area unless you have my approval first. 
  • Eat a solid breakfast, carry snacks and sugary drinks with you before your appointment. A steady blood sugar is essential during your tattoo appointment as it helps your body control and manages the pain. 
  • Only wear clothes and/or shoes that can take a little ink! I like to recommend black, due to the fact that most ink splashes are invisible on black clothing. Clothes, shoes etc. will not be replaced if ink splashes should occur. 
  • You can bring a blanket and pillow if you like for a more cozy experience. 
  • Buy your tattoo aftercare cream in advance, so you don’t have to do it post appointment. If you forget, you can buy one in the shop or in the nearby pharmacy.

If you have any questions, please head over to my FAQ where you might find your answers. You’re always welcome to contact me with your questions as well.

NB: If you have to re-schedule or cancel our appointment, please contact me straight away, so I have a chance to re-book the appointment. You’re not entitled to get your reservation fee back, as it is my security of income for the time spent designing your tattoo and the tattoo appointment itself. 



Congratulations on your new tattoo! I hope you’re happy and ready to show it off! 

You will receive the important aftercare information from me after the appointment. If you need to have a written copy of the aftercare, it will be provided. I’ll also explain to you what to look out for during the healing process. 

Note: If you experience any kind of irritation, swelling, fever or anything else that feels off about your new tattoo, please contact me straight away and enclose pictures of the tattoo. If I have any suspicion of bacterial infections, I’ll ask you to contact your medical provider straight away. 

Please note that I, per default, will take pictures of your new piece. These pictures only show the designated tattoo area, and are always faceless unless another is agreed upon. If you’re not comfortable with your new tattoo getting posted on social media, or with the pictures in general, please let me know in advance. 

If you like, you’re always welcome to leave a testimonial on Google, Facebook or both. It helps me and supports my work a lot. You’re always welcome to tag me on your social media content. 

If your tattoo needs a touch-up, please send me a message on Instagram or E-mail, where you enclose a picture of your healed tattoo. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and schedule your touch-up if needed.