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My name is Asger and I am a 36 years old tattoo artist apprentice from Denmark.

In my earlier years, when I was halfway through my architecture education, I found out that I dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist instead. In August 2020 I finally took the leap, quit my job at a gas station, and jumped into the tattoo industry. Targeted and ambitious, I quickly started tattooing, and although I started with small projects that were manageable, I quickly got better at my techniques.

After almost 2 years in the industry, I reached out to one of my big idols here in Denmark, namely Marc Førsterling. He pulled me in for a chat and we agreed to give it a shot. So now I sit as an apprentice under him at Skin.dk in Solrød.

I love helping people tell their story stories, and appreciate that I can make a living by being a tattoo artist. My main goal is to receive international recognition for my work, and to participate and win international awards.

A working class tattoo artist


Right now I’m working on building my personal brand that I like to call ‘a working class tattoo artist’ and ‘a modern day Peaky Blinder’. 

So what does it actually mean to be a modern day Peaky Blinder? I’m not a hustler, and I’m certainly not a gangster. But I like to envision myself as a working-class businessman from the era of 1919, where the story of the Peaky Blinders took place. 

Back then, if you wanted to have a successful business you would rely exclusively on the quality of your work and your customers’ recognition of it. This means that customers would know and acknowledge the value of the work, and would save up their money for the particular item instead of just buying something cheaper. In a time set way before any kind of modern communication, you would also rely on customer review and recommendations mouth-to-mouth. Here, more than a century later, I still see this as the most important form of marketing for my business. 

Peaky Blinders also reminds us of the fragility of trust and the importance of being cautious about who we place our trust in. The show demonstrates that even those who appear powerful can be vulnerable, and that true power lies in the ability to control oneself rather than others. I would like to endorse this to my clients in a certain way. I think people should choose their tattoo artist carefully and find an artist they trust and want to stay loyal to. I would also like to endorse confidence in the client, and show them that they’re able to get awesome tattoos that they’ve always dreamed of without compromising on quality and overall experience. 

I like the older values where we all had more respect for craftmanship. Tattooing is an art, and should be respected as such. This also means respecting other tattoo artists’ work, not copying designs and styles but studying and learning from each other instead of envying others success. 

Lastly, like the Peaky Blinders, I’m driven by my family’s success and happiness. Everything I do, I do for my wife and son at home, and they mean everything to me. I also want to inspire and motivate people around me to be more positive, work with their ambition and to take pride in their craft. 

This is my


I have four tattoo principles that ensure you a high quality tattoo that people will notice and comment on. I’ve developed these principles through the years and take great pride in manifesting them in my everyday projects.

Use of open skin

In my Black and Grey tattoo style, I create high contrast by using open skin for highlighting. With this technique, I rarely use white ink, as I’d rather work with the design itself.

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Great visibility

You must be able to see what the tattoo represents from a distance. This is why I often upscale motifs, and use fewer elements in my designs than usual. A large scale is key for a long-lasting tattoo.

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Unique designs

I’m not using another mans design. This means, that I’ll always create my own design with inspiration from the reference pictures. With that said, I will always have the original idea in mind.

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Quality over quantity

Sounds like a cliché but this is so important. I’ll rather use the necessary hours on your tattoo than send you out the door with a lower quality piece. Great quality can’t be rushed.

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My absolute


I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to drawing and designing tattoos, and spend a lot of hours working on both client request and want-to-does. I enjoy creating pieces with both masculine and feminine touches, and I will always try to incorporate a lot of personality and uniqueness, so they don’t seem mainstream. 

I like to study and incorporate symbolism, and I’m very careful when adding historical or cultural details. Besides this, I enjoy putting subtle hints and secrets into the design, so please let me know if we should ”hide” some personal touches in your tattoo. If you let me, I’ll add my own trademark (the French Lilly also known as Fleur-de-Lys).

You can read more about my favorite design categories below. 



I love Anime, and consider myself a kind of an anime tattoo artist. I especially love Naruto and Dragon Ball. I have a lot of overall knowledge on the world of anime, so I’m game on any kind of tattoo project in this genre.

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I love modern movies and series such as Peaky Blinders (of course!), Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and so on. Besides this, I’m also a gaming nerd, and play games like Witcher, Elden Ring and Diablo. All awesome themes for a tattoo design!

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I’m always ready for mythological themed projects, whether it’s Nordic, Greek, Egyptian or other. In this design style, I’m very careful when adding historical or cultural details to a design, so the design stays true to it’s origin.

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