I hope you’ll find all the answers you need right here. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattooing in general

  • Are tattoos safe?

    Tattoos are completely safe if done correctly. Make sure that your tattoo artist is approved by the Danish Health Administration, and that he or she is up-top-date on the obligated hygiene certificate (you can ask your artist for both). Always make sure to be completely honest with your artist about any medical conditions you might have. Otherwise, it’s always important to follow your artist’s advice on aftercare, and to contact your medical provider if you experience any off-symptoms in your new tattoo.

  • Who should NOT get a tattoo?

    I strongly advise you to get approval from your medical provider if you have any of these listed conditions: heart conditions, diabetes, hemophilia, hepatitis, HIV, epilepsy or uncleared allergies. Besides this, you should also consult with your medical provider when doing medical treatment for acne, blood pressure regulation, antibiotics and other strong treatments. Lastly, you shouldn’t get tattoos if you’re pregnant, nursing or less than six months post-partum. 

  • Do you tattoo people under 18?

    No, due to Danish legislation, it is illegal to tattoo people under 18 years of age. 

  • Is coloured ink illegal?

    The short answer is no. Nearly all ink on the market today is safe according to the EU legislation. All the ink I use is legal, and complies with the EU’s REACH regulation. 

  • Does it hurt?

    Even though pain is relative, it is safe to say that tattoos hurt most people in some kind of way. Some areas more than others, and some tattooing methods more than others. With that said, most first time clients report, that it isn’t as bad as they pictured. 

Your next session

  • What do I get in a day session?

    A booking of a day session includes me preparing your draft design for the day. The day session consists of six hours, normally from 09:00 to 15:00, and if the design is accepted without changes, we can start the tattoo session right away. If we need to make changes to the design, the time spent on re-designing is subtracted from the six hours of tattoo time. We have one big break for lunch, and I normally need to take a small 3-minute break every hour, which also gives you time to take a small break. Please note that you can have as many other breaks as you need.

  • How quickly can I book a session?

    I currently have a two-month waiting period. Sometimes it is possible to offer you a session faster due to cancelations and gaps in my calendar. If you want a spot on my cancelation list, which gives you a chance to get contacted any time I need a customer to jump to session fast, please contact me on Instagram.  

  • What should I bring with me to my session?

    Please wear clothing that can take a little ink splash (preferably black). You can also bring a pillow and/or a blanket if you like. Bring headphones if you like to hear music. It is also good to bring snacks for blood sugar regulation, like sweets, fruit, sodas etc. There are several grocery stores right in the area of the shop, if you need to buy something during your session. We tend to order lunch together in the shop, so you can get in on that too if you like. 

  • What kind of payment do you accept?

    I accept MobilePay, bank transferral or cash. The booking fee should be paid by MobilePay or bank transferral. 

  • What if I have to cancel our appointment?

    If you have to re-schedule or cancel our appointment, please contact me straight away so I have a chance to re-book the appointment. You’re not entitled to get your reservation fee back, as it is my security of income for the time spent designing your tattoo and for the tattoo appointment itself.