Asger Winkel

In August 2020 I took the leap and jumped into the tattoo industry. Targeted and ambitious, I quickly started tattooing, and although I started with small projects that were manageable, I quickly got better at my techniques. After almost 2 years in the industry, I reached out to one of my big idols here in Denmark, namely Marc Førsterling. He pulled me in for a chat and we agreed to give it a shot. So now I sit as an apprentice under him at in Solrød. I’m particularly fond of creating Black and Grey realism in a graphic way – especially if I can run a single color in as well. In Black and Grey, I go for high contrast and by doing that I can use free skin for highlighting, so with me I very rarely use white, as I’d rather work with the design so it doesn’t need it. I also have a few principles that make your tattoo sharp, super durable and something people will comment on and notice.
  • The basic principles I use when designing your tattoo.
  • You must be able to see what the tattoo represents, even from a distance.
  • I’m not doing exactly what others have done, but I want to use the concept and do it my way.
  • High quality over quantity.
I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to designs. Among other things, I love Anime Dragon Ball, Naruto, etc. as well as Peaky Blinders, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and the like, and is generally also a film and fandom enthusiast. I love making animal and floral motifs as well as mythological and themed projects.